Chic Flooring Carpets

Wool Fibres (need to re-word)

Soft, warm and luxurious to the touch, wool is comfortable underfoot, hard-wearing and versatile. Our inspirational collection of weaves, patterns and textures is second to none, and thanks to this exceptional material we are able to create a contemporary colour palette from deep chocolate tones, bold limes and reds to the most delicate ivory.

Mixed Fibres (need to re-word)

Choose from 100% pure wool or be seduced by wool combined with the finest natural plant fibres. By mixing wool with sisal, jute, cotton and linen we are able to create distinct designs by blending the fibres’ innate qualities and textures to stunning effect.

Naturals (Sisal, Coir, Jute, Seagrass)

Natural flooring brings the outdoors inside and can offer you a rustic yet contemporary feel around your house.  Naturals are hard-wearing and easy to maintain, great for stairs and for all rooms around your house.

Synthetic Fibres

Synthetics have moved on to higher heights and are now a long way away from the static shock you’d get when walking into a room. Ideal for houses with moth issues – which is a fast-growing problem throughout London and the rest of the UK – these carpets are now attractive, luxurious and extremely practical especially for people with young children. So much has been invested into the production of these desirable carpets that you would never know the difference from a wool carpet. In fact, many customers come into our showroom seeking 100% wool carpets but once they see and feel our range of synthetics, change their mind very quickly.

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