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Considered by many to be the miracle fibre nothing comes near wools appearance and feel. Available in a full spectrum of colours and textures. We are the leading local showroom for the following suppliers – Crucial Trading, Kersaint Cobb,Victoria Carpets, Roger Oates, Jacaranda and Van Bessouw.



Woven from the dark green leaf of the Agave Sisalana  plant, Sisal is the best alround plant fibre. Tough yet not feeling too rough. Recommended for heavy wear areas and stairs.



Made from coconut husks, this strongest of plant fibres can be used anywhere in the home. Has a sturdy rough texture from £10.99 sq mtr.


Grown in the paddy fields of China, Seagrass is harvested and spun into a  strong yarn. This waxy fibre is water and stain resistant  yet hard to dye so available in only a natural palette.



Softest of all plant fibres and impossible to clean! Careful users only.

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